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CyberTab is an anonymous, free tool that helps information-security and other senior executives understand the damage to companies inflicted by cyber crime and attacks.

It will calculate the costs of a specific cyber attack—based on your estimates of incident-response and business expenses and of lost sales and customers—and estimate your return on prevention. No other resource offers this tool's rigorous, research-based framework for thinking through, calculating and explaining the true costs of cyber crime. Use CyberTab in one of two modes:

Gauge the cost of potential attacks to better understand your risks and security-investment choices.

Discover the cost of specific attacks that your company has sustained and help enable benchmarking.

To help you gather all the information you'll need, which may involve consulting with colleagues, we have provided a worksheet that you can download and use as a checklist. Download worksheet

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CyberTab was created by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton

Help us help you understand a complex problem and show what's at stake
Pull together the hard numbers and download a report that will help you communicate what's at stake with your C-suite and board of directors.

Submit your data and see how your costs compare
Fuel the EIU's research and enable us to add benchmarking to CyberTab, so you can see how your experience compares to your peers. Help us all better understand the impact of cyber crime on business and society.

Participate anonymously and securely
No data will be collected unless you submit it—anonymously—to the EIU when you complete the tool. We will not collect information that identifies you or your company, and no information about respondents will be shared with third parties, including the sponsor. After completing the tool, you may provide an email address to receive future EIU research resulting from this project, which will be stored separately from data submitted.